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Glaucoma Testing and Screening


What are the signs of primary open angle glaucoma? Well, the truth is, until very late in the disease process, there are none. This is why it is essential for everyone to have a comprehensive eye examination at least every two years. Eye examination fees are covered by Medicare in most instances and your optometrist is trained to detect the changes in appearance of the optic nerve that are indicative of primary open angle glaucoma.

The optometrists at Andrew Knights Optometrists have at their disposal, a number of tools that assist the early detection of primary open angle glaucoma, including visual field testing equipment and advanced technology such as optical coherence tomography which can determine early signs of thinning in the retinal nerve fiber layer.

The most comprehensive way to test the integrity of the optic nerve is with the OCT.

OCT scans cost $90.00 and $70.00 for pensioners. There is no medicare or health fund rebate applicable to these fees.