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Diabetic Screenings


If you have diabetes, (insulin dependent) or if you take tablets or are just diet controlled, you should be undergoing an annual examination of your eyes.  Our optometrists will carefully examine your retinas including the optic nerves, maculae and the tiny blood vessels for any changes that could potentially affect your vision.

If you require a diabetes retina review, you should expect your pupils to be dilated and you should bring sunglasses and make an arrangement for someone else to drive you, or be prepared to delay driving until your pupils have returned to normal.

This could take 1-2 hours.

For the most comprehensive examination of the macula, your optometrist may advise you to have an OCT scan.  OCT is short for optical coherence tomographer. This is like an MRI for your retina. Andrew Knights Optometrists are excited to have for our clients, Beenleigh’s only optical coherence tomographer. Unlike a retinal photograph that some optical chains offer, an OCT examines the retina beneath the surface, looking in 3D at the many layers of the retina, deep at the retinal pigmentary epithelium where macula degeneration can show up in its early stages.

OCT fees are $40.00 and $30.00 for pensioners. OCT fees are not claimable on medicare.